Andalusian companies show excellence of Andalusian ICT sector in ITU Telecom World 2009

Under the motto “Open networks, connected minds”, Andalusian companies AT4 Wireless, Sadiel, Optimi, Froggie Marketing Mobile Solution, MP Sistemas, Indisys and Telvent will exhibit their products in ITU Telecom World 2009, one of the most important international events in the sector, where the evolution of telecommunications and their application to innovation will be analysed.

Pilar Rodríguez, secretary general of Telecommunications and the Information Society of Andalusia regional government, has accompanied a representation of the Andalusian ICT sector to ITU Telecom World 2009 with the aim of taking the excellence of Andalusia ICT sector to the international domain. Pilar Rodríguez has pointed out that “we are the only Spanish autonomous region present in this conference which is, maybe, the most relevant worldwide event regarding telecommunications and the information society. Being here in the Spanish pavilion is a sign of the importance and great potential the ICT industry has in Andalusia.”

In this framework, the Andalusian regional government aims at reaching one of its objectives regarding the ICT sector in Andalusia: encouraging competitiveness in global markets as a priority element of action, contributing ideas, prospective and course of action. The regional government finds it “crucial” to be present in global markets so that the course that ICT take at an international level is observed as a reference point.

The Andalusian department plans to boost the internationalisation of companies in the ICT sector in Andalusia through the presence in Geneva of the main promoters of ITC in Andalusia and of several  representative Andalusian companies in the sector with an intense international activity. “The seven Andalusian companies present in ITU cover all the areas of interest at the conference, from topics of green technology to sustainability. In other words, they cover the big challenges that Information and Communication Technologies have to face in the years to come in order to be able to instigate the change in the productive model we want to favour”, secretary general of Telecommunications and the Information Society has pointed out.

This way, the seven Andalusian companies are showing these days their advances in the sector. Adolfo Borrero, Vicepresident of Telvent Global Services and ETICOM President stresses that “the presence of Telvent in this event is justified by the participation of the main telecommunication companies in the world. Telvent offers a number of innovative services related to cloud computing, which we would like to announce here.”

Adolfo Borrero, on behalf of ETICOM (Andalusian association of companies in the ICT sector) emphasizes that “the presence in ITU Telecom World 2009 for Eticom takes place within the framework of a strategic plan conceived together with the regional Innovation ministry and one of the keystones of this internationalisation plan is the attendance to events of these characteristics. ITU is, in its sector, one of the most significant events and the Andalusian companies present here will benefit from that.” “The participation in events and fairs is basic for any company. In this event, there are different areas in the telecommunications sector, such as cybersecurity, from which important Andalusian companies may benefit. There is also an area which is crucial for us and that is sustainability and the contribution of ICT to the area of sustainability” Borrero highlights.

One of the most significant worldwide forums

ITU Telecom World, which starts off today until the next 9th October, is considered as one of the most significant worldwide forums in the sector of Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It is organised by United Nations and is the main intergovernmental organism about ICT, since it brings together heads of state and government, ministers, stakeholders and leaders, who will look for solutions in order to give a new boost to this engine of economic growth in the whole world and catalyst of growth in other sectors.

Likewise, under the motto “Open networks-connected minds”, this event features thematic elements which underline the reach and function of telecommunications and ICT in areas of social change such as the digital divide, climatic change and disaster relief.

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